A UMTS wireless single-port router specially designed for fast IP connectivity.


The Single Port Router industrial (SPRi) HS allows for fast connectivity to the internet, to back-end applications and to other routers. Mission critical communications call for the SPRi.

The advanced connection management, coupled with the dual SIM failover and dual antenna connectors makes the SPRi one of the most reliable wireless connectivity solutions available. Although this device is capable of blistering speeds, it will fall back to slower technologies if the signal conditions are poor. The LED display shows connection status, active SIM and other information.

Configuration is simplified with a password protected web-based interface. A remote web-based configuration is also possible where the device is reachable across a private APN. SNMP is also supported for remote monitoring.

The SPRi is ideal for connecting remote devices to a local network. With the IP-IP tunneling feature combined with an intelligent router from TruTeq, the intricacies of routing between different GSM networks are removed for the Customer.