SmarToo 3G

Versatile industrial RTU with integral modem for communications to IEDs.


The SmarToo is a versatile industrial RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) with integral modem for communications to IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices).

It supports both CSD and GPRS communications. It was primarily developed as an AMR (Automated Meter Reading) modem, but has since then found a whole range of applications in the telemetry, SCADA, security, farming, home and office automation industries. The device is rock solid but still expandable.

Features include:

Serial to GPRS with CSD fallback | CSD (Data calls) | Integrated IP stack | Patented GSM stability features | GPRS connection manager | Server or Client mode | USB port | RS232 and RS485 ports | Dual SIM card | SMS alarms | GPRS alarms | 4 Digital Inputs | 2 Relay Outputs | 2 Analog Inputs | SD card for event logging | Expansion port for extra I/O