GSM Installer’s Friend +

The ideal tool for GSM / GPRS
antenna alignment and placement.


The GSMIF+ provides signal strength of up to 7 GSM base stations, the distance to the base station that the device is registered to as well as tests for GPRS presence.

If available, the distance is to the base station is measured in meters. This also allows the user to test for network presence on the network base stations.
This tool is also ideal when you have to provide Certificate of Conformances as well as for site handovers; ensuring acceptable and/or required signal levels are met. The unit combines GPS positioning with dual sim capability for a portable and lightweight solution.
The device can be used for Micro & Pico Cell testing via walk tests in a Shopping Mall or driver tests for farms and poor coverage areas.

Additional items included in the packaging

Installers Friend + | wall socket charger | car charger | USB Cable | Antenna with 1.5 meter antenna cable.