CVM3 Unit

For the effective asset management of pole mounted transformers and mini subs.

Izembe’s Current and Voltage Monitoring (CVM3) device offers a wide detection range from 1A to 1500A.

This will enable you to better detect faults and trends for pole mounted transformers and mini subs in order to manage these assets more effectively.

Hosted monitoring software manages the devices remotely and the device boasts many key features.

Features include:

4x (1A to 1500A) capable outdoor clamp-on | Current probes with 3m lengths | 4x 4m long VT cables | 2GB logging memory card | 2200mAh back up battery (18h back up) | Energy measurement in Active Power (kWh) and Apparent Power (kVA)| Phase angle between Current & Voltage | Phase frequencies & calculated power factors | Voltage & Current peak / Sag Detection of cables | Sampling 8000x per second capable | TruTalk Scripting | Real Time Clock | Integral communications modem (3G) | Outdoor weather tight enclosure | Pole mount bracket | Internal Antenna | GPS Expansion | 4 Digital inputs | 2 Analogue inputs| 2 Digital outputs